Bring Your XC60 or XC90 Here

When it comes to ensuring you have the best care, you know that you'll need a specialist to provide that quality. If you need help with your heart, you see a cardiologist. For your skin, you see a dermatologist. So, who do you see when your Volvo SUV or sedan needs an oil change, brake service, or repairs? You don't want to trust your luxury vehicle with an independent shop that may use aftermarket parts; you want a team you can trust to get it right the first time.

Our Volvo Service Center is full of knowledgeable team members who can answer your questions, diagnose and repair issues, and even help with warranty work or recalls. We've been trained to care for your XC60 and XC90, and we know better than to use anything other than Volvo-approved products in your vehicle. Why would anyone? Volvo parts are designed to stand the test of time – they're created especially with your vehicle's exact performance specifications in mind.

If you've been blessed with owning a Volvo car or SUV, don't settle for less than perfect service. Our team has high standards, and we answer to the OEM, so you can count on us to always do what we can to go above and beyond for you. Questions? Reach out to us today, and we'll get you the answers you seek.

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