Both of these brands lean towards more practicality and understated luxury design, but when it comes delivering a standout luxury vehicle, Volvo is the brand to choose. Volvo vehicles strike a near perfect balance of technology, performance, and design. While there are some areas where both appear to be evenly matched, Volvo pulls away when you start to compare the advantages of each.

Discover why a Volvo may be the best vehicle for you.


A good place to start when considering where one brand excels more than the other is by looking at safety. Volvo has made a reputation for itself by innovating safety technology that leads the way for other vehicles. When you look at Volvo and Audi side-by-side, you will find that not only are Volvo's safety features more advanced, but you will have more of them coming standard.

An example of this is Volvo's City Safety and Audi's pre sense® city. Both come standard on the XC60 and the Q5, and both help to warn the driver and even stop the vehicle if a stationary vehicle or pedestrian is detected. However, Volvo comes with Steering Support as well to help with steering away from an obstacle by braking the inner wheels individually and reinforcing steering input.

Additionally, Volvo City Safety can detect vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and large animals during day and night. With the expanded range of potential collisions that the system recognizes, you will be able to feel more confident, aware, and safe.


Safety isn't the only area where Volvo takes the lead. When you begin to compare craftsmanship, performance, and technology, it will become clear that Volvo is the right choice for your daily driving needs and your sense of luxury. Speak with our sales team to find out more and check out our new and used inventory to see the quality of our Volvo models for yourself!