Volvo Repair and Service at Alan Byer Volvo Serving Syracuse, NY

Finding a reliable place to service your special Volvo vehicle can be tough because you know that this vehicle was an investment and you want someone who loves and cares about Volvo vehicles just as much as you do. At Alan Byer Volvo, we care deeply about Volvo vehicles and have a group of highly trained and skilled technicians who have countless hours racked up on working on these impressive vehicles. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something as simple as rotating your Volvo tires or as complex as finding Volvo specific parts for an engine repair, we can diagnose and fix all the issues or routine maintenance that you might need at our service center.

We Use Genuine Volvo Parts for Your Volvo Vehicle

You have probably looked up garages near you that you have considered using instead of a dealership service center but that can be risky. Many times, when you bring your Volvo to a third-party garage, they are using aftermarket parts that are meant to be used on a variety of vehicles. These parts are liable to warp, wear out, and eventually break and potentially damage more important parts of your vehicle which will, in turn, cost more money for you down the line.


When you come to our service center near Syracuse, you can rest assured that your vehicle is receiving the Volvo specific parts that it needs and deserves. Our genuine Volvo car parts have been engineered, tested, and certified for use on the Volvo vehicle make and model that you are driving. Allowing our team of technicians to work on your Volvo vehicle can get your vehicle back on the streets of Syracuse in no time! We also have a comprehensive list of Volvo accessories for anyone that is looking for new floor mats, bumper covers, or cargo trays to name a few.

Come Visit Us for Your Volvo Service Needs at Alan Byer Volvo

If you’re worried about your worn tires, the oil change that you’ve been putting off, or finding a genuine Volvo part for your vehicle you can come by our dealership and we can help get your car moving back on the road once again.

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