There are 500,000 Reasons to Drive a Volvo XC60

When you start to shop around for a luxury car in Syracuse, NY, you'll certainly want to do some research before you buy. Third party websites can be a great help and we encourage you to take a look at what they have to say. However, one of the absolute best ways to learn our brand is to ask a real expert -- a Volvo driver.

Chances are you'll hear quite a bit of praise for the Volvo XC60. We're not really going out on a limb with that statement, either. As a matter of fact, this model has been our best-seller around the world since 2009. With a steady stream of annual winning streaks driving it to the head of the class, the XC60 has just surpassed the 500,000 marker in sales, too.

Everyone at Alan Byer Volvo is thrilled to hear that we've hit a half million, but we can't say as though we're completely surprised. After all, this vehicle is built with drivers' needs in mind from the get-go.

To get a feel for what this sleek, stylish, and capable crossover can bring to your life, we invite you to continue your research right here in our showroom. We'd be happy to get you out on the road in Syracuse anytime you like. Plus, our excellent Volvo lease specials may just give you 501,000 reasons to take an XC60 home with you.

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