Volvo Overseas Delivery Program Gets You a European Vacation and a New Car at Once

This time of year, many of us in Syracuse, NY are thawing out after a long, cold winter and we're itching to get out and explore a bit. For some, good old-fashioned road trips do the trick. Others like to keep it going even when the pavement comes to an end. Fortunately, the Volvo XC60 is capable enough to bring you anywhere you want to be, in the lower 48 at least. But even if you'd like to head across the Atlantic for a luxurious spring reprieve, Volvo can get you there.

The Volvo Overseas Delivery program allows you to travel to the automaker's home town of Gothenberg for a great Swedish getaway. Furthermore, as part of your trip you can pick out a brand new Volvo and have it delivered, free of charge, to your home in the US. Check out this quick clip to see how other travelers have taken advantage of this fantastic option.

So you can travel to Europe and then continue to travel around the Empire State in style courtesy of your hand-picked new ride.

For more information about the program, visit Alan Byer Volvo today. Our sales team can catch you up on all the details of the experience. Plus, while you're here, we can fill you in on our brand's offerings and we can arrange a test drive or two. That way, when you touch down in Gothenberg you have a great idea of what you'd like to have sent back to your place in Syracuse.

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