New Volvo Drivers in Syracuse will Enjoy Safe and Savvy Infotainment Courtesy of Apple CarPlay

There are probably two or three things you never leave your house without--your wallet or purse, your keys, and your iPhone. Cash or credit comes in handy in all sorts of situations, but since you're carrying that convenient computer in your pocket all day long, you might as well get the most you can out of it while you're cruising around Syracuse, NY in your new Volvo.

Apple seems to agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly, so they've teamed up with our brand to deliver the next big thing in automotive technology, Apple CarPlay.

Not only with this streamlined system make your life a lot more convenient, it will also help Volvo models remain ahead of the pack in terms of safety. After all, when it comes to any city in our area, whether it's Rochester, Albany, or even Binghamton, you've got a lot of other drivers to consider when you're on the road. Therefore, a big part of staying safe is being smart; being one step ahead of the crowd.

Perhaps the biggest news is that we'll see Apple CarPlay debut in the next Volvo XC90. Furthermore, the stylish crossover will be one of the first luxury cars to feature the technology. So you can forget about the German competition; the Swedes are truly leading the technological charge.

For more information about what's heading our way, keep a close eye on the Alan Byer Volvo blog, or just stop into our showroom and our sales team can cover everything with you today. 

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