Alan Byer Volvo Presents Show and Tell with the 2015 XC90

We've got a range of 2015 Volvo models that are already available in our Syracuse, NY showroom. However, we're still waiting on one major addition to our collection. The 2015 Volvo XC90 promises to be a particularly luxurious newcomer and although we haven't seen the model in full, we can tell you that the interior is fantastic. Furthermore, we're happy to back that statement up by showing you what it looks like.

Given that the premium SUV will align interior technology with the style and safety that we expect from our brand's luxury cars, it makes sense that the folks at the home office would lead with a teaser video of the cabin. Complementing the ease of the touch-based, Apple CarPlay system, this edition of the XC90 will also come equipped with wheel-mounted controls so that you can stay connected while keeping those hands safely at ten and two.

We'll keep our eyes wide open for more news about the pending release and we'll report what we find on our blog. In the meantime, if you'd like to learn more about what's on the way, or if you'd like to see all the style that's currently on display, head on into our Alan Byer Volvo showroom today.

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