Introduce the Next generation of Syracuse Drivers to a Volvo Today

Many customs get passed down from generation to generation. For some, it can be a recipe or even a language. For others, it can be a love of music or sports that gets handed down. For many of the folks that we meet on a daily basis here in Syracuse, NY, a passion for automotive safety and performance serves as the ultimate family tradition. It's a Volvo thing.

Does that bring back any memories for you?

These days you're likely looking ahead, too. But the best part of it all is that you can continue your family's heritage by tucking the next generation of Volvo drivers safely and soundly in the backseat of a 2015 V60.

To explore our latest wagon, we invite you to bring the family into Alan Byer Volvo. Our team would be happy to show you the model inside and out. And we can even set the gang up in the comfortable cabin to head out for a test drive.

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