The Volvo S60 Has a New Shade of Green in Store for Beijing

The Beijing Auto Show kicks off next week and Volvo has decided to bring a long an all-new S60L Plug-in Hybrid for the premier automotive event in the East. The new take is built along the same platform as the V60 D6 Plug-in Hybrid wagon that currently exists in Europe. However, rather than rocking a diesel engine, the ecofriendly sedan mates a gas mill with an electric motor. When all is said and done, this vehicle will turn out a potent 306-hp.

Currently, the model is slated to hit the Chinese market as early as next year and the move to gas could indicate a US release right on its heels. While the jury is still out on that front, we can tell you that that advanced gas-electric powertrain will almost certainly make its way to Syracuse, NY next year, albeit in model that looks a little different from the Volvo S60.

The award-winning Concept XC Coupe is informing the design of the pending Volvo XC90. Experts believe that when that sleek crossover hits our Volvo dealer, it will be accompanied by a green edition. And the proposed XC90 gas-electric will likely provide our first glimpse at the performance-heavy hybrid engine that will launch in China next week. You may have had to bear with us for a bit, but it all comes back around to what we at Alan Byer Volvo can bring to you.

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